Wisdom Assembly

This is a copy of the last assembly I wrote and submitted to "" I thought you might enjoy reading it! Aim To explain the difference between Wisdom and Cleverness Preparation and materials Bible – Proverbs ch 1 v 2&3 and ch 19 v 20 – either highlighted to read out or written out on a board/powerpoint Optional dressing up: Hard Hats x2, Hi vis jackets x 2 Assembly Find an example of when you did something wise – eg. Put Sunscreen on before you went out, gritted your garden path before the frost, put an umbrella in your car – just in case. Explain how that was a “Wise” thing to do and the positive consequence of that action. Say: There are lots of wise sayings around, things like

BFG - a harvest twist!

Does anyone know who this is a picture of? Yes it’s the BFG, The Big Friendly Giant. Now Giants aren’t known for being friendly but this one is as Sophie, the little girl in the story finds out. Now the BFG spends his time collecting dreams – he keeps the good dreams, destroys the bad dreams and stores the good ones in his cave. When children are asleep he returns the dreams to them so they have a good night’s sleep That story always reminds me of a bible character, called Joseph He was also involved in Dreams, not catching them but he had amazing dreams, given to him by God. Theses dreams told him what was going to happen in the future. Now Joseph had 11 brothers – can you imagine that! And

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