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On the afternoon of the 11th of September GSUS Live! Arrived at Chantry and Newminster middle schools ready for the week ahead. After a very rainy Saturday setting up and training, the team started our first of 20+ lessons first thing Monday morning and the response has been outstanding! With the help of local volunteers year 6,7 and 8 pupils have had the opportunity to explore the themes of fear, forgiveness and rejection though a series of online characters and tasks, issues that are just as relevant today as they were 2000 years ago.

The GSUS Live! Encourages the students to listen to a piece of music, watch a clip of film, read a passage of the bible and hear the story of a famous person before sending an ‘email’ to their character with advice. This repeats four times, drawing the young people deeper into the story.

We are looking forward to an action filled last two days, engaging young people in Christianity in a new, exciting way.

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