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Resurrection Eggs

Its not just Chocolate that are found in eggs at Easter!

During our Easter Journey, each child went through the Easter story with one of our team using these amazing eggs. Each pack contains 12 plastic eggs for different colours, with each egg containing something about the events surrounding Jesus' death. I thought you might be interested in finding our what was inside those eggs and how we used them to explain to the children what an amazing week this was!

Resurrection Eggs

1- Blue - Donkey

Kirstine will have covered this in the opening – Triumphant entry

2- Light Pink - Coins

Judas betrayed Jesus and was paid 30 silver coins (Or Jesus went into the temple and was angry at the way it was being used as a market place)

3 - Light Purple - Cup

Last Supper – Wine a symbol of His blood. A reminder of his covenant / promise*

4- Orange-Hands praying

Jesus Prayed - He was very sad and afraid so He talked to God about it. We can do that too!

5 - Green - Whip

Men who wanted to kill Jesus took him as a prisoner and hurt Him

6- Yellow- Rooster

Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples, said he would always follow Jesus but Jesus knew he would deny him 3 times before the Rooster woke up the next morning.

7 - Light Orange- Crown of Thorns

The soldiers pretended to make Jesus a King but they used thorns to hurt Him

8- Light Green -Nails in Cross

Soldiers took Jesus and nailed Him to a cross. Jesus stayed there because He loves us

9 - Purple- Spear

Jesus had already died when the soldiers came to look at him so one of them stabbed him to make sure He was dead.

10 - Light Blue -Linen Cloth

Joseph, a rich man, wanted Jesus to have a proper burial. He bravely asked if he could have the body and wrapped it in Linen cloth

11- Pink-Stone

A big stone – about the size of a door – was put in front of the tomb. An angel moved it away.

12- White -Nothing

Are you surprised? The lady disciples were too and the angel told them he had risen!!

This was the Promise* Jesus wants us to remember – that He is alive and we can be with Him forever

That’s the true story of Easter!

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