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The dates for 2023 are: 26th - 30th June

and we are already receiving school applications.


We returned to Brinkburn Priory to host our schools event for June 2022 and we are now planning the 2023 event. There have been lots of changes and we really need your prayers. Please look at the prayer letter, opposite!

We are looking at St Aidan, a monk who came over to Northumbria at the request of the King, Oswald, to teach us locals about Christianity.

We will look at his Lifepath and how he shared so many things, including God's Love, through out his life. He walked to towns and villages, telling people the Good news about Jesus and showed them how God wants them, and us to live, through his generosity and kindness.

We are planning to pass on the Good news of Sharing God's Love this year at Brinkburn Priory.

To find out more email Kirstine, click here:

Want to look at what happened at LOTR 2021?

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Go On The Road

We had a great time in 2019

Read all about it below and in the Praise letter!

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