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HEROES - Edith Cavell

This month we have been looking at the theme of heroes in some of our assemblies. We have looked at the likley heroes, Linoel Messi, Taylor Swift, Nelson Madella, Bear Grylls and The Queen. All of these people are famous because of something they have achieved, But what about the unlikely heroes and heroines?

On October the 12th 1915 Edith Cavell was killed by a firing squad, maybe a unlikely heroine we looked at why her life turned out thw way it did and what makes her a Heroine to us today.

Edith Cavell was a nurse stationed in Belgium before the outbreak of WWI, she set up a school to train nurses and when the war broke out rejected the suggestion to return to the relative saftey of England.

Edith went on to help casualties from both sides of WWI and helped over 200 allied soliders flee from the German occupied Belgium. She was then killed for treason due to her actions. she left us with these words...

'Standing as I do, in view of eternity, I realise thet patriotism is not enough, Imust have no bitterness towards anyone'

So is Edith Cavell a Hero? The young people certainly seemed to think so.

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