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Apples - Part 2

In my earlier Blog I talked about the assembly I have been doing on Apples and the way they all have a “Star” inside. The other part of my assembly moves on to a different focus.

I usually take along something I have made – a pair of arm-warmers or a knitted hat and explain that I made it. I am pretty good at whipping up a chocolate cake and given the right tools I can erect a bookcase from a Flat pack kit. But I can never make an apple!

Usually some child will respond and say you can – you can grow one. I then use that to explain the difference between “Making” something and “Growing” something. In our Church we had this pointed out to us (Thanks Pete Heywood!) and it really made me think. During the assembly I talk about the “Spiritual” part of a person, the bit looking for God and how that needs to grow. Like a seed it needs nurturing and watering. The schools usually are doing a good job in starting this process with emphasis on being kind and being respectful to each other. I then mention the “Fruits of the Spirit” – love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self control . During the assembly I repeat these so they remember them – it’s a good question for the “Water-pistol” game at the end! I usually try to challenge the children to thing about the things they are putting into their lives. Are they a “Good” friend? Are they watching things they shouldn’t on TV, and for the older boys in particular, are they playing violent computer games that they shouldn’t be?

But what about us? The fruits of the spirit are, by definition, not something we can achieve on our own. How often have we tried and failed to do something because we didn’t ask God’s help. One of our daily challenges is to include God in our day – we can survive the day, we can make good choices and ultimately end up achieving something that seems ok. Lots of people do. As a Christian, though, I am challenged to “Pray without ceasing” and if I manage to put God into the decisions I make today I believe the outcomes will be at least better than they would have been and will probably blow me away.

So next time you see an Apple – just remember God wants to “Grow” you into the person he has planned for you and you need to put the right stuff into the soil to let it happen.

God Bless, Kirstine <><

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