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Challenge the King!

This is a quiz that I borrowed from my predecessor, Gordon, where the consequences of the answers means a squirt from a water pistol. Many children love getting a "squirt" of water on their jumpers but some don't - so chose your candidates carefully!

You need : a water pistol - small ones with direct nozzles work better than "Super soakers"

a Crown

3 questions

an older child to be the "King / Queen"

3 other "contestants"

You "Crown" the first child and seat them on a "Throne" (chair), and line up the contestants.

(I usually squirt the water into the crowd a bit - to get a reaction!)

The Rules - need to be explained before every quiz

1 - You can chose to either "Challenge the King!" or answer the question yourself.

2 - If you Challenge the King - He will try to answer the question. If he gets it right, he can squirt you with the water pistol. If he gets it wrong, you can squirt him!

3 - Or you can answer the question yourself. If you get it right - you can squirt the King, but if you hget it wrong, he can squirt you.

4 - you must squirt them on the chest / arm. Not the face.

5 - The WHOLE class must stay quiet enough to hear the questions etc

(I usually say "If you are making too much noise you wont hear the question, you wont hear the answer and you wont know who is about to get squirted." )

You start with contestant one, and move on to all 3 contestants as the quiz progresses!

It is generally good natured and fairy noisy - but you need to keep in control of the water pistol and the "crowd". They get very excited by a small amount of water!

I usually end the quiz with a round of applause and then ask them to sit for a little longer, to give a 3 sentence summary of the assembly and they usually calm down.

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