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Worry Balls

If we worry about things we can’t enjoy the good parts of our lives as much

By Kirstine Davis

You can watch me by clicking the link below!

This is an adaptation of a prayer from St Julian – it engages the children, ask them to copy you and if they want to use it as a prayer they can!

1. Imagine your worries in your hands – grip them really tight, now turn you hands so the fingers are facing down and backs up – Then release them

God – I want to hold on tightly to the things that worry me, help me to release them

2. Hold your hands out – as though someone what giving you a present

God please let me to see the things that you have given me, a school, a home and enough to eat and drink, a wonderful place to live

3. Take both hands to your chest

God, please help me to think on these things, to take them to my heart and be grateful to you for all you have given me

4. Hold your hands out in a sweeping gesture

Then, help me to give out that love and kindness to other people


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