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The Mustard Tree Trust was founded in 2002. We are a Christian charity with an emphasis on children and young people. The Trust is managed by a board of trustees and our workers are part time or sessional. We affirm the 8 principles of good RE as outlined in the Religious Education Council's code of practice.


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We are getting some great feedback for our video assemblies !

This came from a KS1 teacher :


"Thank you so much for doing these videos, the children have been enjoying watching them - they really liked Dave the Donkey!"

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Please pray for the teachers and pupils in our schools as they navigate this ever-changing time

Please pray for our Trustees as they make difficult decisions about our vision and future

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Message from our chair

You may have heard the term liminal or liminality. We’re living through a period of liminality. The word is derived from the Latin word - limen – which was stone placed on the threshold of a door. To go through the door, you’d have to step onto and across the limen. Its modern usage is for a period or place of changing. But unlike some changes where we know what will emerge, a liminal space is fuzzy with uncertainty and the future isn’t fixed. Sound familiar?


There have been a few big changes for Mustard Tree this year, not least us stopping our chaplaincy work in Three Rivers trust and the need for us to work with schools online. Much is uncertain.


The psalmist cries: ‘How can we sing the song of the LORD in a foreign land?’ It’s a cry of lament and of question, of seeking and of struggle. But it is where we are at.


So, in this season we choose to live this question. We don’t know the limit of our time of working differently, we don’t know when schools will be open to us again, and whether we will even be able to resume the old reality.


So, we choose to live the question. To experiment. To learn new skills. To find the boundaries and to map the terrain. And to pray, and discern, and find that God, as always, is alive in the uncertainty, and already at work in the new terrain we find ourselves in.

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